Listen to Bounty

As a songwriter, most of your work gets cranked out as quickly as possible, then placed in catalogues to patiently wait for a home. But when I wrote Bounty, it didn’t feel right to push it down the same path. I was protective of the process. I arranged and produced a basic structure, then brought it to my good friend Esteban Calderón. Together, we brought it to life. This song wouldn’t be what it is without him. Initially we assumed it would follow the same path as the others, but when we finished the song, I listened to it and cried.

I love hearing a song come to life by another artist, but this song’s story became way too close to mine not to share it with my own voice. I poured my heart into it, and I hope you feel that when listening. Bounty is out now ❤️

“Atrel’s new song ‘Bounty’ is a dark, vocally driven reflection on the aftermath of a toxic breakup. It tells a story about how an ex’s desire for revenge leaves her on the run for the crime of falling out of love.”

Listen to Bounty